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"You can loose yourself in the songs"

Ian Rothwell - Salford Radio

"Dynamic, fearless, swinging, deeply musical - a commitment to improvising and swinging which is the equal of any jazz instrumentalist."

Ian Bell  - Drums

"I am yet to hear another singer on the Jazz scene that Scats like Lucy Lockwood does, apart from the fact that her voice is a powerhouse, her scatting is by far the star of the show. Lucy is a unique performer and brings old school Jazz to the modern day in a very exciting manner.  I adore how much she emulates the Jazz greats in her own way, it's very special to witness live"

Lucy Camba-Bermudez (AKA Lucy Mae) -  Vocalist

"Powerful, intense, charismatic"

Paolo Fuschi - Guitar

"Exceptional Jazz Vocals that pours heart and soul into a song with exquisite timing..."

Kevin Dorian - Drummer

"A magnetic performer who through her inspiring voice, draws an audience into her world.."

Lawrence Ghorra - Drummer

"Lucy will have you laughing and crying. You can tell a great performer if you want to see them perform again immediately after the gig has finished. Lucy is like that.

Rachel Wilmer - Vocalist & Bassist

"Glamourous, atmospheric, nostalgic, professional, enjoyable, talented. 

Lucy brings glamour and style plus a deep understanding of song interpretation and delivery"

Jonathan Butters - Drummer

Client testimony

Lucy Lockwood - Private function - 20s/30s Charleston Gala

Thank you soooo much!  You and the band were fantastic. 

I had lots of positive comments on the night and since, no negatives. 

You were perfect for what we wanted and looked great!   

Thanks again Lucy and please pass our thanks onto the band.  You were all terrific. 


Lucy Lockwood hosts Whighams Sunday Sessions Jazz & Jam - Graeme Knox

Lucy Lockwood certainly knows how to command a stage and she proved that last night when she brought some serious jazz flair to the stage at Whighams. With vibrant and enthusiastic collusion on the part of the fine gents in the band, Campbell Normand, Alastair Morrow and Jay Kilbride.


 Lucy simply showed us the goods and delivered a scat-peppered performance which paid true homage to a golden age when a certain Miss Fitzgerald ruled the roost! Lucy's a hard-swinging singer, committed to the unending learning curve of a true jazz vocalist and not planning on reaching the end point soon - or ever! That approach will pay off and I hope we continue to witness the journey!


Type Music Drawing Company

Lucy Lockwood & The Keith McGee Trio - Musical Whiplash


"Three inconspicuous gents wandered on to the stage and settled at their instruments and immediately began playing a double bass, drum kit and piano. This evening was completely theirs as the crowd slowly began to hush... Here we had three veterans playing the music they love. The Keith McGee Trio held such a presence on stage all the while hunched over their instruments, eyes closed, listening to one another’s sound...


...After a few polite claps the pianist took to the mic and their star, Lucy was introduced. Lucy was the lady in red creating a strong contrast to what was now her backing band, all in plain colours as if they were just 3 friends relaxing at home. Her hair made up in a perfected 50s pompadour style bob streaked through with flashes of red. All fell silent to the opening lyrics “white man came across the sea” and suddenly we were hit with none other than Iron Maiden. Well a cover at least, and a jazz cover at that...


...The song was slowed right down and stripped back to its bare elements all while creating a tender atmosphere of which I had the extreme delight of being a part of. I must admit that I have had the pleasure of seeing Iron Maiden perform their song Run to the Hills live and I was ecstatic that Lucy’s softened rendition was true to the original, and yet so satisfyingly contrasting. She had an extremely powerful voice that carried beautifully throughout the music hall..."



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